About Our Services

Today's contemporary funeral traditions offer families in need many beautiful, dignified ways to honor the life of a loved one. We help families choose from many options to arrange a service that is both comforting and appropriate.

Choices may include:

Making it Special… and Personal

As part of any memorial observance, many families choose to add "special touches" that further personalize a service. These include a memorial table, with a display of photos, keepsakes and mementos that commemorate a life well lived. A video tribute is especially meaningful, showing scenes from the person's life, accompanied by music. We also laminate prayer cards and obituary notices to preserve them for the future… and we do much more.

We have a special sensitivity and understanding that brings comfort to those we serve. We will take care of every detail - before, during and after the service. Our experienced, professional funeral directors will be happy to explain the types of services you can choose from and how you may personalize and customize them to honor the person who has passed.