Suddenly you look around and you realize…it's time.

The subject of funerals is never easy to discuss. But discussing your funeral in advance can be a worthwhile experience in light of the impact your own death will have on those you love the most. Planning ahead can help you ease worries and save money. It eases the decision-making burden for loved ones and helps ensure family members know your views and wishes.

A Pre-planned Funeral Answers These Two Questions:

  • "What effect would an unexpected death in addition to an unplanned funeral have on my immediate family?"
  • "What would be the consequences of continuing to put this off and then running out of time?"

What Is Pre-planning?

Pre-planning is the recording of your preferences regarding funeral arrangements, securing necessary biographical information, and the selection of appropriate merchandise before death occurs.
Pre-payment of arrangements is optional. You Do Not Have To Pre-pay To Pre-plan. If you choose to prepay using one of our affordable payment options, you can save hundreds of dollars by paying for tomorrow's funeral at today's prices.

Pre-planning A Funeral Service

People who pre-plan their funeral arrangements give their families the greatest gift of all - Peace Of Mind. We strongly encourage you to take the time to plan the funeral service in advance, so that when the time comes your family can focus on supporting one another and not on the details of the funeral.

To receive additional information about planning ahead for you or a loved one, please call us at (847)362-3009.

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